Up Date Wall for PointBlank PH TAHADI and ITALIA

Note :
I will not explain all here, Learn first before downloading, working or not working Depending on you.
Respect other people's work, If there are any bugs or issues you can post here, then I'll fix its

> Tested Windows 7 x32 - x64 Monday, June 10 :

* Point Blank TAHADI
* Point Blank ITALIA
* Point Blank PH

> Fitur and Hotkey ON/OFF:
- F5 : No Smoke
- F6 : Wallhack Glass
- F7 : Wallhack All Map + desert camp

> Screenshot :


1, Download the file
2. Use Per X Injector! Click Here
3. Extract file to desctop
4. Open the injector browse the dll
5. Start pointblank

> Scan Virus Online :


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  1. How to download this thing hommie?