Zolferno's Ultimate Left 4 Dead 2 Trainer /WireFrame, Wallhacks etc

Hey Guys,

Wasent planning on releasing anymore, but I wanted to see what people think of this hack, and if anyone stills plays the game :L I attempted to hack the game awhile ago and released a pretty poor trainer, so here is my new one.

God Mod ( Single Player, All Team Mates )
Infinite Ammo ( Single Player, All Team Mates )
Small Crosshair ( Single Player + Online )
Draw Wireframe ( Single Player + Online, Wireframe of Players and World )
Draw Footsteps ( Single Player + Online, Draws a Cross under all movment Players + Zombies)
Draw Skeleton ( Single Player + Online, Draws Colored Skeleton of all Game Models, your able to see them through walls )
Draw Bone Graph ( Single Player + Online, Draws Part of Skeleton For Players, Items/Weapons And Special Zombies Showing an offset )
Draw FPS ( Single Player + Online, Show FPS in top left )
Cheats Enabled ( Single Player, Sv_Cheats Enabled )

Green Lasers:
Options for all Players works in both Single Player and Online, Displays Current LOS (Line Of Sight) With Green Lazer.
Numpad 1-4 to toggle / NumPad 0 To Turn Off

Crosshair Settings:
Its Pretty Self Explanatory, Alpha etc.

Virus Scans !

Download Now ! Zolfernos-Left-4-Dead-2-Trainer.rar