Asiancoderz Special Force Public Hack V1.9

Features: [ On The Screen Shot ]

How to Use?
  • Download The Loader
  • Extract to Desktop
  • Open the loader (Run As Admin if you are Vista or windows 7)
  • Copy The GUID (close the loader after)
  • Go to the GUID Pub Page (Link found below)
  • [Skip the ads] Login your Forum member account only!! [skip ads again]
  • Paste the GUID on the empty Box and
  • Click The Activate Button
  • Re-Open the Loader, (makikita mo na activated na GUID mo)
  • Log In SF (huwag muna Game Start)
  • Wait for the Loader to show "Perfect! Start the Game now"
  • Enjoy smile.png

Activate your GUID here -->

Click -->  Public GUID Here [ Log - In using your Forum Member Account ]

Username: anbuu
Password:  cheaterscamp

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AC PUB 1.9 : Download Now