AC Public v1.0 (Official Download)

No Smoke
Speed Cheat
ESP Name
Enemy Only
No Recoil/Spread
No Scope
EXP 2x
EXP 3x
Holy Bless
Double Up
Windows Mode

Screen Shot

Activating AC Public Cheat?

Just follow these steps:
- Download the public LOADER.
- Open the LOADER and copy your Computer Guid.
- Go to Your PROFILE --> FORUM PROFILE settings.

- Go down and find Computer GUID, See the picture below:

- And paste your Computer Guid copied from the Loader.
  Note: Make sure no space on copying or pasting the GUID or else it wont activate.
- After pasted click Change profile button to save your Computer GUID to database.
- Then re-open/re-run the Loader and you are now Activated ;D

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