[Release] LoL Jungle Timer by PenGuin

Hey community.

With this thread I wanna release my automatic JungleTimer (5v5 only)!
This JungleTimer displays the respawntimer of jungle camps inside of your league of legends UI. This works for both jungle sides but only if you have vision of the camp.
The blue colored camps are for the bottom jungle side and the purple ones for the top half.

All you have to do is injecting the .dll file into League of Legends.exe when your game starts.

I cant guarantee that this is undetected! All I can say is that i didnt get banned yet and that its unlikely that you will. This .dll uses methods to display the Respawntimers which are used by ts3 and mumble aswell.

You can show/hide the timer by pressing F11.

- RunzelEier for his great help support

Kind regards PenGuin

Screen Shot

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