[Universal] D3D menu

Let me introduce my cheat here, it's not a program written in one hour, so I'm expecting at least minimum respect especially with moderators side, so if I break the rules somewhere then request write me where exactly my fail is, so I can edit my thread. The dll is packed and after you start main .exe it extracts to the temp folder, so VT definitely not the best and some AVs detects it like dropper, however, it doesn't means that file is infected. Speaking simply to all mods: do not pop your hands in my thread if you recently learned how to walk and pronounce words.

The usage not that hard, you just downloading the .exe, launching it, and start the game. Check on noob account first, so you will be always safe from blocking your main account.

In case if my thread gets approved, I will update the information, explain features which cheat contains, update it if it gets detected.

Here is the screenshot:


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