World of Tanks Working Cheat

Hey guys since World of Tanks v0.8.7 i am Using this hack wich is below but first of all i want to tell you how u can get it and also what can it do?

It says so much thinks and i know so much people want to know also how it is ingame.. so watch this video 

The price of this Hack is 6.83 Euros at the moment but i didn't got banned and i am still using it.. there are so much things which is very good to use ingame like artymode etc.
but u will get also a Bot wich is fighting also and driving also for u and u get also and DWIN changer.. so wargaming will not find u.

if u want to buy it u have to klick first on login and register then... after registrated you can buy it.
please dont share this everywhere

They are updating every hack after the new client is released (takes just time between 1-4 hours but then u hack start again your hacks)

Official Homepage > Buy Key here

Download Now Here