Combat Arms Hack Skaters Menu v2.0

Works on:
Windows 7 32bit: Working
Windows 7 64bit: Working
Not working for Windows 8 at all.

This is the result of Adderal, and too much time on my hands. After I released my shitty Hotkey, I took some Adderal. I haven't slept since Friday. There may be errors in this but I'm pretty sure all the features work and its much better then my Hotkey so go nuts! Leave suggestions in the comments, no "Add opk" or "add aim bot"


 How to use:
I recommend using Extreme Injector.
The key for the menu is Insert.
Arrow keys control the menu.
Any more questions do comment.

Virus Scans:
SkatersMenu v2.rar - Jotti's malware scan

Injector: Click Here 
Skaters Menu v2.0: Download Now


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